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Welcome to my blog. I have been lucky to travel the world and I will share my future and past trips here. I also discuss local events and sporting competitions that I do. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are welcome and very much appreciated.

I will occasionally include retrospectives of what I did many years ago, even before I started this blog. As you can see, I invite you to come back often to see what I have added.

I am also on Facebook in the group "Still Traveling with Pierreo" where I will also provide links to my travel photos and other resources as I find them. If you join this page, you will get regular notifications when I add content to my blog.

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Baton Rouge 2019, and memories of 2005 and 2006

May 12th, 2019

We went to Baton Rouge in January of 2019 for a short visit, mainly to go see friends we had not seen in several years.

It was great to see a lot of them and spend time remembering the times we had spent together while we were living in Baton Rouge.  Bee and I did not live there at the same time, but we did make some of the same friends and her friends have since become mine, and my friends have become hers.

On the last day there, we received an offer that was too good to pass up.

But for that, I have to first go back to a few years ago, quite a few years ago.

In 2005, Jon introduced me to the Krewe of Yazoo.  I had heard of them, but never actually thought I would have a chance to join.  All I knew was that this is a group of people who make fancy costumes and then parade around Baton Rouge pushing lawnmowers.  In 2005, I helped to build the costumes and I paraded around Baton Rouge, but without a lawnmower.  Here is my costume that day:

I had used that as my Christmas Card in 2005!  Actually, we had built 42 chicken costumes in all.  Here is a family portrait:

Since I did not have to push a lawnmower, I had a lot of freedom during the parade to move around. I was able to meet the crowd and get the full atmosphere of the day.  I took this ‘action’ shot of the Krewe dancing with the lawnmower, and the banner indicating our theme for that year.

You can see that this is a popular parade, with a lot of people watching.

My favorite picture, however, is this one of Lee (the costume designer) and me during the parade.

I stayed friends with David and Lee, who run the Krewe (they ave been doing this for over 30 years).  Lee creates amazing costumes and David chooses the music and creates the choreography. Continue Reading »

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Costa Rica – Part 5: Tortuguero (2)

May 4th, 2019

We continued our exploration of the Tortuguero area with another wonderful day on the rivers that criss-cross this part of Costa Rica.

We saw a Cormorant drying its wings, but not its tail.

We then ran into a pair (mother and child) of spider monkeys.  Initially they were just being monkeys and taking care of business.

The mother was eating flowers while the kid appeared to be playing around in the trees while eating what appears to be a carrot.

But then the mother made a gesture which caused the kid to jump on her back.  Here, our guide told us she was preparing to jump. So I was prepared to take lot’s of photos.

She got to the end of the branch and just stayed there for a while.  I love the determination on her face!  The kid does not want to look… Continue Reading »

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Costa Rica – Part 4: Tortuguero (1)

April 9th, 2019

After a very short flight from Arenal, we approached the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica and the isolated village of Tortuguero.  We could see some houses and quite a few hotels and resorts as we approached.  It used to be that the only way there was a long drive followed by an even longer boat ride.  Tis is a lot quicker and more comfortable.

The airport that we are approaching, actually just a long asphalted strip is near the breaking surf, towards the top end of the last thin island on the right.

After landing, we needed a very short ferry ride and we arrived just in time to have lunch at our resort located across the water from the airport.

While we were having lunch, we watched amazed as green macaws flew in and out of the trees across the way from us.  Even though they are called Green Macaw, they have a very colorful back that you can only see when they fly, or even better wen they are are about to land on a tree.

Some flew right over us and I was able to get closer shots.

There we also vultures looking for something to eat.  They were rather far, so I was not too worried about me or my food.

Not sure you can still call these Green Macaws!  My list of birds from Costa Rica does not seem to include “Brightly colored blue, yellow and red macaws”.

And the spectacle continued – nice to have entertainment during the meal. Continue Reading »

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Costa Rica – Part 3: Arenal Volcano

March 12th, 2019

After two wonderful days in Monteverde, we slowly made our way to Arenal Volcano, first by 4-wheel drive through the mountain, later by boat on Lake Arenal and fianlly back with our driver William for the last few miles.

We first stopped in an area that had pretty good views.  You can guess at Arenal Volcano in the back ground.  It is the somewhat darker shadow capped by a big cloud.  This is how we saw the mountain for our whole stay, it seems…

On the way to the view point, we discovered some leaf-cutter ants, hard at work. The pieces of leaf that they carry are several times larger than they are.

They have been doing this for so long that they have acutally carved a path throug the grass.

A different view from the same view point.

On Arenal Lake, we had a private boat which took us across the lake.  Another typical view of the Volcano – summit still not visible.

There is a lot of bird life on the shores of the lake and we had time to stop and observe.  Great Egret, Cormorants, and Herons are all looking for fish. Continue Reading »

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Costa Rica – Part 2: Monteverde

March 5th, 2019

Following our successful stay in San Jose, we joined our Wilderness Adventure Group and headed off to Monteverde.  We had a very good driver and arrived there in good time.  Early enough for lunch and a first exploration of the lower tropical forest nearby.

Costa Rica is known for its very rich fauna and so we went immediately in search of  interesting creatures.  We all had a list of the “must see” on the trip.

This was not one of mine, still quite a nice centipede, I think…

Our guide was excellent at spotting small birds; I am not good at remembering names.

This was a stroke of luck, actually spotting a butterfly as it is coming out of its cocoon.

The feeders afforded a unique opportunity to see hummingbirds.  They are still not easy to catch, particularly to catch them in flight.

This one appeared to be posing for me – or was it just waiting for its turn at the feeders.  Not sure what the protocol is among the hummingbirds. Continue Reading »

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Costa Rica – San Jose

February 19th, 2019

Every year, Bee and I try to go somewhere new for New Year. This time, we had decided rather early that it would be Costa Rica, but given that we moved to Houston and were distracted by many other things, we only booked our trip very late. Most of the time was spent with Wilderness Travel on a fantastic tour of some of the best National Parks and wildlife reserves in the country.

However, before and after this adventure, we spent a few days in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

On our first day there, we took a walking tour of the city. We started at the Post Office a superb pre-Art Deco building (completed in 1917) with a secret inside (which we discovered the next day on our second walking tour). Still today, most people do not receive mail at home. The use of street name and addresses is rather new in the country and people still use landmarks rather than street names to give directions. Families own post office boxes and there are thousands of them in this building.

San Jose is also full of street art. These are just some of the better statues that we saw on our walks

My favorite is this tribute to the ordinary working men and women, placed right in front of the Central Bank. Members of our tour group decided to pair up with the statue they liked best.

This is a metallic building from the late 1800’s.  It was made in Belgium and shipped here in parts then re-assembled.  There is also a metallic school, all pink that was also made in Belgium.  It seems Belgium was very famous at the end of the 19th century for its metallic constructions and exported them all over the world. Continue Reading »

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Bee and Pierre Adventure to the Wild West – 5 days to go

September 26th, 2018

It all started almost a year ago when our technology manager asked me, innocently, if I would be interested in an assignment to Houston.  My answer was not an immediate YES!

After a lot of discussions with Bee and others, and the prospects of very interesting jobs in Houston, we both decided to go.

It has been a real rush since then – many business trips and even more leisure trips.  Throwing away the things we have not used in over 10 years; consolidating the items where we had three or four of the same, donating old clothes and electrical appliances.

We got our Visas in August, made travel arrangements in early September and also booked the days for packing our house.

As you have seen from Bee’s posts on Facebook, we are now living out of hotel rooms for the foreseeable future.

Here is some evidence from yesterday:


This is our living room looking in from the dining room.  The outdoor furniture has quickly been pulled inside the house as it was threatening to rain and we did not want it to get wet – it did not rain, but it still provides a nice place for us to sit and work n ow that all ther est of the furniture is packed.


This is the dining room from the living room.


Our dressing room is a mess – all the clothes are now either in suitcases that are already in the US, in suitcases that are in our hotel room, in boxes that will be sent by air or in the main sea shipment.  I have way too many clothes!

Between yesterday and today, they finished the second and third floor.  Tomorrow, the container comes and everything gets loaded.

We have already spent two nights in our hotel here in Brussels.  Each night we tried a different restaurant we had  not been to before.

On Monday, we tried Ricotta and Parmesan, not far from La Monnaie.  We really enjoyed it.  We had Pasta and Zabaglione for dessert.

On Tuesday we went to L’Atelier de Willey – even better.  Food was excellent and portions were not too big.

Unfortunate that we are discovering good new restaurants on our last few days here.

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Bee and Pierre Adventure to the Wild West – 7 days to go

September 24th, 2018

What a great opportunity to start my blog again.

There is a lot going on and great stories to share.

We are spending our first night in a hotel as our house is being packed and no longer liveable.

We just had dinner in an Italian restaurant we never tried before, and it was really good. Unfortunate to discover a good Italian restaurant just a week before you move out.

The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least. We have had to empty supplies built over years! Supplies of spices, wines, frozen stock, lamb and much more. We have thrown away things we should have retired long ago. We have given away things we will not be able to use for a while. We have sorted our things and done work around the house that just never seemed urgent before. All that while working full time too.

For the next weeks, we will be living out of suitcases. Three each, to be exact. We already have one suitcase in the US and two more with us. Not sure our room in Houston will be able to store all that, we will see.

More to come in the next days as our departure approaches.

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Greece – Santorini

July 23rd, 2017

I am very late, but I want to continue the Greek Odyssey before I start other trips.
From Amorgos, we headed to Santorini, the place I probably anticipated the most of the whole trip. There is indeed room for disappointment here.

As we left Mykonos, we passed the fast ferry probably coming from Santorini.


We approached the Caldera from the South and this is our first glimpse of Fira, the main ‘urban’ center in Santorini


This is Oia, the city right at the entrance to the caldera.  We will explore this on foot our last day.


Another view of Oia – the main sites are all right at the top of the caldera, and there are wide open spaces in between these.


Fira – You can see the path that descends from town to the old port, now only used for local tours.


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Greece – Naxos and Amorgos

December 26th, 2016

After a few days, it was time to leave Tynos and we moved to Naxos, a large island to the South.

We took another ferry to get there and had interesting views along the way.  Travelling by ferry, at this time of year, is very relaxing.  The ferries are not very crowded and therefore we just lounged around on the top deck, looking at the islands float by.

On the way we met this very interesting cruise ship which was making a stop at Mykonos – there are more and more sailing cruise ships and I think it would be a nice experience to try it, one of these days.  However, I suspect that these are fully automated and therefore there is not much “sailing” involved.


We ended up spending only one night in Naxos as the weather was getting worse and our guide feared that ferries may not be able to sail on our planned departure date.  He gave us the choice of one extra day in Naxos, or one extra day in Amorgos and the group chose Amorgos (and I think we made the right choice).

One of the attractions is the Temple of Apollo with the “Portara” which is an almost intact door frame.  It sits on a peninsula just outside of the main town.


We saw ferries come in and out while we were walking around.  There was a very strong side wind at the docks and we watched with interest as the “Cosmote” high speed ferry took 5-6 attempts to get its landing right.  It made for good lunch time entertainment.


I had to take a picture of the town viewed through the Portara.


A better view of the town, with the castle up at the top and the docks on the right.


As I said, we did not spend much time on Naxos and took our next ferry to Amorgos.  This took several hours and was due to make three stops along the way.  We were relaxing on the top deck and I just happened to be looking around when I saw this strange sight.  Looks like a dozen high speed boats heading straight for us.  The first thing that came my mind was: “I did not know they had pirates here in Greece! What do we do now?”

Why else would a formation of high speed boats come towards us like this?


As they approached. I noticed they were actually going past us, and I started to feel better, then they slowly, still in formation, started to turn around and come after us again.  There were 3-6 people on each boat but they did not look too menacing.


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