This is my Blog.  Not sure where it will lead me or you, but you are welcome to join me for the journey.

I have been travelling my whole life, not just for tourism, but as part of my life.  I have lived in Belgium (4x), Italy (2x), United States (4x), Wales and Singapore (2x).  Getting to know other people and understanding the differences between people of many coutries has become a keen interest.

When I travel to new places, or even places where I have been before, I like to take my time, enjoy the place and the people and discover places where tourists do not normally go.  I have been lucky enough to experience many unique events all over the world, most of the time very pleasant, some times no so great.  I hope that I can continue on this journey for many years to come.

I have a very interesting job with a major multinational company.  It allows me to meet and work with people from many different countries as well, and learn from them.  It also allows me to travel to new locations, even though, contrary to public belief, business travel is not very glamorous or pleasant all the time, just look at the post on the “business trip from hell”!

I have also been lucky to participate and compete in many sports, in many different countries, with mixed success:

  1. Athletics – Long Jump      Italy
  2. Table Tennis                       Italy and Belgium
  3. Judo                                     Italy
  4. Skiing                                  Italy
  5. Field Hockey                      Belgium and France
  6. Swimming                          Belgium
  7. Volley-ball                          USA
  8. Badminton                          USA, Wales and Belgium
  9. 5-a-side Football             Wales, Belgium, Holland, England and France
  10. Dragon Boat                       Singapore and Malaysia
  11. Running                               Singapore and Belgium
  12. Biathlon (swim and run)   Singapore
  13. Triathlon                             Singapore
  14. Cycling                                 Singapore
  15. Sailing                                  Belgium and USA

I have met a lot of people through sports and I find it an excellent mean to integrate into a new environment.

In 1997-8, I spent two years in the United States.  After that, I looked back at what I had done and was shocked that I had not taken full advantage of the opportunity.  I made a decision that has led me to enjoy life to the fullest.  Every month, I try to do something “different”, either a trip some where, or even have a new experience in the city where I live (such as visit a new museum, or go to a special show).  I have been able to keep to this for many years and plan to continue to try.

This is my journey.  Please join me regularly as I share my journey with you


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