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Benazir Bhutto

A year ago, Benazir Bhutto was killed in an incident that is still not quite clear in my mind.

I am not sure of this was a real assassination attempt or an attempt to create ‘sympathy’ with a failed attempt (that unfortunately went really bad).  I have not heard anything from the media that can convince me that we will ever know what really happened, and who is ultimately responsible.

At the time, I started writing a post that highlighted my beliefs that progress towards democracy in Pakistan had taken a significant backwards step with the elimination of the one person who seemed to be the strongest voice for progress.

It is amazing how much can change in one year.  For the current events in Pakistan, and the fact that she is still highly  regarded, please go to the following link

A photo from AFP that sets the right mood


I am sure there are many other similar stories throughout the web.

Pakistan is certainly not out of the woods.  Hopefully, the rest of world will continue to support the attempts of Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir’s husband and now President of Pakistan, to bring real reform in the country.  However, it is not the first time that there has been sign of progress, only to be shattered again by violence, a military coup or severe corruption.

With chaos in so many other areas of the world, and no real improvements in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, do we have a ray of hope in Pakistan?  Has Benazir achieved in death what she was not able to achieve in life?

Only time will tell, but I am interested in your thoughts.


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