Costa Rica – Part 5: Tortuguero (2)

We continued our exploration of the Tortuguero area with another wonderful day on the rivers that criss-cross this part of Costa Rica.

We saw a Cormorant drying its wings, but not its tail.

We then ran into a pair (mother and child) of spider monkeys.  Initially they were just being monkeys and taking care of business.

The mother was eating flowers while the kid appeared to be playing around in the trees while eating what appears to be a carrot.

But then the mother made a gesture which caused the kid to jump on her back.  Here, our guide told us she was preparing to jump. So I was prepared to take lot’s of photos.

She got to the end of the branch and just stayed there for a while.  I love the determination on her face!  The kid does not want to look…

and she went!

Clearly into free fall here

More free fall – I had my camera on slow shoot so this is only 3 shots a second.  The free fall was not very long, but still!

Stretching all limbs in order to grab the branches on the next tree.  Even the tail is looking for an anchor point.

Two arms and tail have caught onto a good support and the fall is stopping.

Not a perfect landing, but safe enough.  At this point the kid jumped off her back.  Since she stopped very suddenly, the next photos, I am afraid, are mostly of vegetation as my camera continued to pan left!

Beautiful pelican resting

Another three-toed slough, resting of course.  You can clearly see her toes and face.  She is actually cuddling a baby – you can see the baby’s foot above her thigh.

“What you looking at?”


Not sure what this bird is.

Howler Monkey looking for food.

Sea Turtle

A very green lizard

This is the “Jesus” lizard, known for being able to walk on water; look at the size of the rear feet.  Immediately after I took this picture, it ran away.

Out of the many very blurry pictures of nothing, I was able to extract this one.  Not the best shot in the world, but you can guess that there is a lizard running on the water in the middle of this picture.  I do not expect to win any contest with this!

Huge spider

Another green lizard on a more colourful background this time.

A small alligator looking at us as we look at him.

A dragon fly doing the same

A huge flight of pelicans.  I find them fascinating birds when they fly.  They are such heavy birds yet can fly effortlessly just inches above the water.

This is the end of our trip to Costa Rica.  After Tortuguero, we went back to Jan Jose and spent another two days there (I already shared the pictures for that in Episode 1) and then back to the reality of life and work! I’d rather not thing about that, but stay immersed in the wonderful; experiences that we had in Costa Rica.

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