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Restaurant Review – by pierreo

Name:            MITRA

Country:        Belgium

City:                Bruxelles

Address: Place St-Catherine 15
1000 Bruxelles – Belgium

Telephone: +32-2 217 9012



This is the best Thai Restaurant I have been to outside of South-East Asia.  I have lived 8 years in that region and visited most countries in and around Singapore.  I have had Thai food in most of them and really love it.  This is the first time I have experienced the same sensations and flavors outside of Asia.

MITRA can make authentic Thai food, but you have to ask for it!

We had the Green Papaya Salad and a Mango Salad that was made with fresh, sweet mangoes, not the green mangoes typically used.  Both were just as zingy as the real thing.  We asked the waiter, who spoke Thai to the chef, if this is the way they normally serve these dishes, and he admitted that they only did it this way because we asked.  So you have to ask!

We finished with Steamed Bar with Lemongrass, not Sea Bass, but almost as good.  The fish was not as big as the usual Sea Bass, but still plenty for us after the salads.  Once again, the spice level was similar to what I was used to, and it had all the flavors and smells that this dish is supposed to have.

I will come back – the cost was reasonable for two, with beers (Belgian beer of course!)

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